Welcome to the PavilionPro!

Welcome to the The Pavilion Indoor Sports Facility! The Pavilion Sports Facility is a 6,000 sq. ft. indoor facility equipped with the latest technological tools required for cricket, baseball, softball and golf training. The facility holds iron mike pitching machines for baseball and softball, state-of-the-art bowling machines for cricket, and personalized video analysis for baseball, softball and cricket. The facility also holds state-of-the-art simulators for indoor golf and 10 other sports, including games for children of all ages. The facility’s cage system is retractable, making practice planning easy for a full team, or breaking up cages for multiple rentals or lessons. The facility can also be opened up for a full infield workout with indoor long toss sessions. Additional provisions include a seating area, video analysis room, coach’s office, front desk area and a party room for special events. The Pavilion offers full-length cricket pitches for professional players and amateurs to practice and play with the latest 3 head bowling machines that offer every possible variation in bowling.

The multi sport simulator allows players to participate in up to 12 sports and games, all on one system. It is both a precision golf simulator and a sports simulator for football, soccer, baseball, hockey and more. The multi-sport simulator brings the excitement of real sports with incredible precision, real equipment and amazingly lifelike game play.

The facility is conveniently located at Wax Pool Road, Ashburn Virginia.


We have state of art indoor practice baseball lanes! Whether you want to practice hitting sliders, cutters, wicked breaking balls, arcing slow-pitch balls, high-speed fast balls, or just regular straight balls - we have it all.


What better place to improve your bowling, batting, or general cricket strategy skills than with our wonderful cricket bowling and simulator machines!

Multi-Sport Simulator

12 sports and games, all on one system! Includes precision golf, football, soccer, baseball, hockey and more!